Yoga Music Free Download

Download the songs of a spiritual lifestyle with yoga music free download. From world fusion music to downtempo and ambient sounds to mantras and chants, these soothing styles offer the perfect soundtrack for serene and successful yoga, but also serve as ideal music for those hoping to infuse the teachings of yoga into every day life. With yoga music free download find the perfect music for meditation and relaxation of the mind and body alike. Yoga meditation music helps stimulate the spirit and create an oasis for mindful meditation and mindfulness exercises, as well as guided meditation. 

Kirtan and bhajans both fall into this yogic genre of music that is soothing for the mind, body, and soul. These chants and devotional songs that draw from the the Sanskrit chants that directly relate to mantras associated with bhakti yoga offer a lonstanding relationship to the practice and serve as the perfect sound to achieve yogic excellence. When music is specifically composed for the purpose of yoga it mimics the traditional songs, because classical asanas and pranayama were traditionally performed at specific times of the day to coincide with a yogi’s natural rhythm.   

While many styles of music can be soothing, relaxing, and inspiring for those setting out to practice yoga, yoga music is specifically designed to facilitate in the experience. These songs contain specific tempos and timing to coincide with meditations, and to incorporate sounds such as gongs and singing crystal bowls whose reverberations travel through the body, beyond a physical level, affecting the mind and spirit.