Music for Yoga

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.  ~Plato

Just as music can channel your energies and allow for focus in meditation, it can also act as a motivating force for yoga practice. Music for yoga can add that extra push to continue with a full yoga practice, especially with songs and playlists that match varying rhythms and sounds to the tempo of a class or personal practice. Music awakens a person’s interest and engagement, especially when it starts slow and then picks up the pace, pushing you further into the experience. Individuals experience strong associations between sounds and songs and significant moments in life, making connections between music and moments, people, and events, sparking strong emotions and memories in association. Almost every aspect of the human body is influenced by musical notes, which means using music for yoga can bring a deeper sense of connection to others, powerfully impact mood and energy levels, teach rhythm and timing, and help focus the mind.

While traditionalists don’t incorporate music for yoga, many people enjoy the connection of sound, the environment, and movement, and how combining these elements influences and enhances the body, mind, and spirit. Especially powerful for those just beginning yoga, who find it hard listening to their inner self and tune out the sounds of the environment, yoga music can be an added way to for the chakras to be stimulated and the senses to be prepared for a heightened state of consciousness. Through extensive research, Dr. Alfred Tomatis showed how auditory stimulation could curb undesirable impulses, reduce symptoms of disease, and promote relaxation. Through this connection of music, meditation, and movement, using music for yoga can provide an added benefit to the practice of yoga, while providing a balancing effect for the entire being.

Contemporary yoga stresses the importance of flexibility and stretching, which can sometimes distract from the purpose of yoga–to connect with the Divine. Music for yoga immediately creates this experience. Asanas have the power to still the mind so that the names of the Divine in the form of music can enter the heart.