Wild Horses

This signature mood album is a restful alternative to our fast paced age. Soulful songs weave Sanskrit chants into catchy English refrains. This cinematic collision of sound was created in collaboration with seasoned musicians and uses a colorful palette of world instruments. Album draws inspiration in styles such as space-rock, electronic, world-beat and hip-hop.

Featuring eight impressive tracks “Wild Horses” has an insistent pulse. Soothing electronic beats and mantras from the Upanishads begin the album with the “ Morning Rising.” As the album unfolds we journey into “Wild Horses” – a track that takes you on an adventure ride. “ Dooms Day Parade” confronts the establishment with challenging English lyrics. As the “day continues” – we rest in a soothing lake of Hari Muraru, with celestial flutes and evocative dilruba.

Leaving you with a yearning to listen again and again, this album takes you on a transformational journey from outside – in. This is a personal album, reflecting on the life as a ever-expanding miracle and recognizing patterns and forces at work above and beneath our normal focus.

Nuclear Angel

Colorful, intense, engaging and mysterious, this second LP release reveals Ananta’s uncanny ability to utterly rock while simultaneously taking you back in transcendental time and space.

Released 2003

April Fool 
Song of a Thief 
So Many Tears 

Reality Check

The self-recorded debut LP from Ananta Govinda is riddled with classic pop hooks, Sanskrit chants and English two-liners, soaring with ambient guitars and brought together by transparent but massive drum beats.

Released 2001

Sailing with the Holy Name 
Next Step Ahead