Meditation Music

Through all forms of meditation, from yoga meditation to guided meditation, music can assist in the relaxation of the mind and body, while enlivening the spirit. For centuries, music has aided in the contemplative art of meditation, often in conjunction with religious practice, creating an oasis for spiritual transcendence. Offering respite from the fast-paced outside world, meditation music channels the mind’s thoughts, providing a single source to focus energies. Modern meditation music has strayed from traditional religious roots, allowing composers to combine meditation techniques and concepts with secular music. The meditation music of today not only offers melodies to inspire meditation, but can also act as a meditative mechanism for those performing them. 

Traditional Indian meditation music mimics the life cycle with varying tones and moods for different times of day. Just as the birds, animals, and insects create different natural noises in the morning than they do in the evening, and human voices sound different as the day carries on, synchronizing the sounds of meditation with the organic sounds of the outside world works to create balance. Morning meditation music serves a healing purpose with a calm and refreshing feel, inviting an inspired start to the day. Evening meditative music relieves stress, invoking feelings of confidence and calmness, harmonizing mental and physical wellbeing before resting the mind and body. 

It is through rhythmic patterns and tones, as well as engaging harmonies, that people find balance and a sense of serenity through music. Ragas offer a form of music that uses five or more musical notes to construct songs that create different meditations on different parts of the day and season, to focus on the moment. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle and plugged-in nature of the modern world, even in silence the audible and inaudible frequencies of electronic devices and other outside factors create a buzz of white noise that seems inescapable. Through rhythmic meditation music a focus on a single course of sound offers a balancing harmony and peaceful mindset. Soft, soothing, and repetitive sounds provide a healing effect for the mind, body, and spirit.