Buddhist Music Free Download

Whether created for, or inspired by, Buddhism, Buddhist music presents a unique art form of the Buddhist religion. Buddhist music free download offers an entrance into the engaging songs and chants of the culture. The chanting of mantras, like in kirtan and bhajans, create a musical gateway into understanding personal spirituality. These chants come in many different genres that vary from culture to culture. From the repetition of the name of Amitabha, Sanskrit for Buddha, in Pure Land Buddhism, to the throat singing of Tibetan Buddhist chants, different variations offer their own take on the religion and share the songs in a unique and exciting way. For example, Tibetan Buddhism, the most widespread religion in Tibet, uses chanting as an integral part of the religion, often in complex recitations of sacred texts, both in daily worship of in celebratory festivals. These songs vary from Yang chanting, accompanied by drums and without metric timing, to rhythmic responsory chants. 

With its ability to lift the mind and transcend the realm of the physical, music plays an important role in the sublime teachings of Buddhism, with the Buddha himself mentioning music often. It was in the Amitabha Sutra where it was written that chanting and singing are heard throughout all hours of the day, with nature itself producing symphonies of harmonies and beautiful sounds. From a soft, blowing breeze to a bird’s chirps, melodies fill the airwaves throughout every moment of a person’s existence. In Treatise on the Perfection of Great Wisdom, one of the Buddha’s teachings, it states “in order to build a Pureland, the Bodhisattvas make use of beautiful music to soften people’s hearts. With their hearts softened, people’s minds are more receptive, and thus easier to educate and transform through the teachings. For this reason, music has been established as one type of ceremonial offering to be made to the Buddha.” Celebrate the Buddha with Buddhist music free download that allow you to connect to the traditions and teachings that date back centuries.