Ananta Govinda

Ananta Govinda das is a visionary, musician, author, photographer, and multimedia producer with over fifteen years of experience practicing the Vedic sciences and bhakti yoga. His creative endeavors and presentations blend artistic expressions with eternal human values. Pushing the boundaries of art that blends spirituality, personal passions, and a reverence for all cultures and traditions, Ananta Govinda blends genres from ambient electronic to hip hop to world music. His photography tells the tales and traditions of Vedic culture through inspiring compilations of images from his travels. From intimate portraits to inspiring vistas, the photography shares the stories of those who inspire his life’s work. 

At the age of 16 Ananta Govinda joined the world “pen-club,” connecting him to youth around the world and opening his eyes to life in other countries, outside of his native Russia. In 1994 he came to the U.S., leaving his turbulent homeland in search of a better situation. It was in the United States that Ananta Govinda experienced his spiritual awakening. Always feeling a guiding hand on his path, he explored the teachings of Christianity and Islam before picking up a copy of Bhagavad-Gita, instantly enthralled by the depth and consistency of the book, he finally understood that changes were coming in his life. 

It was through this enlightenment that Ananta Govinda learned to channel his spirituality into his creative outlets. Always one to explore his creative side, beginning a musical education at age seven, the Vedas allowed him to understand that his sources of inspiration stemmed from the Divine. Through travels to India, living a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and a constant passion for creative spiritual expressions, Ananta Govinda continues to infuse his life, both professionally and personally, with the Vedic teachings and ideologies, leading to inspired artistry that transcends cultures and continents alike.