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    • Entering the era of Vedic Renaissance

      Entering the era of Vedic Renaissance

      Where did the human race came from and what is the account of it’s remote past?

      Vedas as alternative source.

      We live in the times where the official academia version on the origin of humanity no longer satisfies the intelligence of many.  Even though, up until now, mainstream academia has effectively banished the Vedic concepts, have we received a consistent theory to cling to in its place? What happens when the evidence pops up that completely contradicts the official vision?

      Disregarding the established academia, modern scholars and Vedic practitioners believe that the theory that we have been taught in regards to the history of humanity on this planet radically differs from reality.

      Vedic knowledge explains universal concepts and gives guidance to that spiritual process that lets each person go into their own heart and have a firsthand experience of the Divine Intelligence. Even though coming from a particular geographical location this knowledge can be applied to any person in any country at any time and circumstance. It gives “the direct perception of oneself by realization, it is everlasting and joyfully performed.” (Bhagavad-Gita). To the extent one is successful in reestablishing an inner self-identity, the connection to the outer world becomes more balanced.

      Vedas describe themselves as “apurusheya” or not of human origin. On the dawn of creation when the first living entity Brahma found himself helpless and needing guidance, the Vedas poured into the material cosmos from the transcendental reality.  They gave the most detailed account of the structure and purpose of the material creation and served as the best manual for getting the most efficiency within its laws. This one body of knowledge was later divided into branches and sub-branches and constitute content of any contemporary
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  • Fantasy Novel by Ananta Govinda Das
    Fantasy Novel by Ananta Govinda das
    Coming Fall 2012

    Story of Fantasy, Philosophy, Romance and Adventure
    The story is an elegant weave of fantasy, philosophy, romance and adventure. It chronicles a voyage through a world of earthly duality into realms beyond time in search of True Love.

    Flickering Attraction
    What is true love? Is love a flickering attraction, or is it something that each of us carries into eternity? Applying the wisdom of ancient cultures the pages of this epic explore these contemporary questions.

  • Vedic Academy of Arts and Sciences

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    Explore, Expand, and Experience!

    The Next Step Ahead workshop draws from the ancient wisdom of the Vedas and is arranged to take you step by step through the fundamentals of holistic living towards the goal of personal self-awakening.

    These workshops will empower you to pursue your dreams with integrity and confidence. Connect with others through social gaming and networking in a deeper more personal way through understanding the unifying force of transcendental knowledge.